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Llerena Law’s headquarters are conveniently located in Palm Springs, Florida, central to all of Palm Beach County and easily accessible to all residents of Palm Beach County, from Boca Raton to Jupiter. The village of Palm Springs has been home to Llerena Law’s headquarters for many years. It is estimated that over half of the residents in Palm Springs are Latino or Hispanic, which is of particular importance to Mr. Llerena, who is of Hispanic descent, and is fluent in Spanish.

Car Accident Attorney in Palm Springs FL

Being a car accidents attorney in Palm Springs, FL, Mr. Llerena has helped thousands of residents of Palm Springs. He has also helped thousands of clients over the years overcome difficult situations ranging from criminal charges to immigration status and civil disputes. Each year, hundreds of clients return to see us here, remembering our office location in Palm Springs and we always welcome returning clients with open arms to assist them with all of their legal needs. Palm Springs has been a great home to Llerena Law for many years and we hope to continue serving the community for many more years. If you’re looking for car accident lawyer in Palm Springs, FL then get in touch with us.

Top Rated Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer in Palm Springs FL

If you received more than one ticket, you must require professional traffic ticket defense attorney in Palm Springs, FL, discounts may apply, therefore, we encourage you to give us a call so that we may properly analyze your specific case and provide you with the best price possible. Our office offers competitive pricing in Palm Springs, FL along with our guarantee that we will diligently defend your case to obtain the best result possible.

DUI and Criminal Traffic Defense Attorney in Palm Springs FL

Criminal traffic offenses are misdemeanors and are very serious. Driving without a valid license, a suspended license, or a revoked license is a serious offense that requires your appearance in court. The penalties for these offenses can also be serious, depending on the facts of your particular case and your driving record.  By hiring a private law office in Palm Springs, FL, such as Llerena Law, to represent you, you may be able to avoid appearance in court. Our team will go to court on your behalf, allowing you to work or attend class without having to stress about losing time and money. Being your DUI Attorney and Criminal Traffic Defense Attorney in Palm Springs, FL, we will face your case on behalf of legal facts.

Best Immigration Attorney in Palm Springs FL

Due to the lengthy nature of an initial consultation, questions that need to be asked, possible research that needs to be done, being your immigration attorney in Palm Springs, FL, we must charge for the initial consultation, however, rates for an initial consultation start as low as $150.00. We encourage you to call today and not delay to schedule your consultation! Being as your immigration lawyer in Palm Springs, FL, we will give you great consultation based on legal facts.

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