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Richard Llerena Law is offering personal injury attorney services in the West Palm Beach FL. As everyone knows currently home to over 100,000 inhabitants, the municipality of West Palm Beach has grown exponentially since Llerena Law opened its doors in 2010. Richard Llerena moved to Palm Beach County in 2007. West Palm Beach has come a long way since established as a city in 1894. Today, over 25% of the population is Latino or Hispanic, which is of particular importance to Mr. Llerena, who is of Hispanic descent, and is fluent in Spanish. If you’re looking for personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach FL then we’re here to serve you.

Car Accident Lawyers in West Palm Beach FL

If you are looking for a car accident attorney in West Palm Beach FL, Richard Llerena is committed to helping all in need of his legal expertise and he has been very instrumental in assisting the Hispanic and Latino population of West Palm Beach. Mr. Llerena is here to help you with all legal aspects of your West Palm Beach case.

Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney West Palm Beach FL

Richard Llerena looks forward to continue serving the people of West Palm Beach as well to the City by working to ensure that people of all creeds, nationalities, and backgrounds have equal opportunities and rights. If you got a traffic ticket in West Palm Beach FL, Mr. Llerena is a top traffic ticket defense attorney in West Palm Beach FL can help you get resolved your traffic ticket resolved.

DUI and Criminal Traffic Defense in West Palm Beach FL

At West Palm Beach FL, if you have been charged for a traffic violation, you need a great criminal traffic defense in West Palm Beach FL. If you’re looking for the best DUI attorney in West Palm Beach FL, then Mr. Llerena will be a good option for you, because we take pride in serving you with all DUI and criminal traffic defense needs. Call US today for a consultation – 561-247-5297 or 561-247-1539.

Immigration Lawyer in West Palm Beach Florida

Llerena Law is an experienced immigration lawyer in West Palm Beach FL. Mr. Llerena is one of the top immigration attorneys in West Palm Beach FL. If you are looking for an experienced immigration attorney, then we would be a great option for you to serve your needs. Pick up the phone & call us now at 561-247-5297 or 561-247-1539.

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