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Llerena Law is offering services throughout all of Palm Beach County FL. We have over 15 years of experience in Accident, Immigration, DUI Defense, Criminal Traffic Defense, and Traffic Ticket defense in Palm Beach County, FL. If you or a loved one needs an attorney in Palm Beach County FL, please contact us today!


Llerena Law has secured millions of dollars on behalf of thousands of injury victims resulting from the negligence of individuals and corporations who have caused injury or death resulting from automobile accidents, improper maintenance of premises, negligent security, work-related accidents, and more!

Traffic Ticket Defense

If you receive a traffic ticket, STOP and do NOT pay that ticket! Call our office as soon as possible so that we may represent you in court. Always remember, we are “YOUR TRAFFIC LAWYERS!” We are here to help and the cost of hiring our law firm to defend your ticket will be much less than the headaches of receiving points on your license, your increase in insurance premiums, and missing time from work or school if you had to go to court. Sit back, relax, and allow us to handle all of the dirty work.

DUI and Criminal Traffic Defense

By hiring a private law office, such as Llerena Law to represent you, you may be able to avoid appearance in court. Our team will go to court on your behalf, allowing you to work or attend class without having to stress about losing time and money. We offer competitive pricing to defend these matters, offer reasonable payment plans, and accept payment by credit or debit card. Before going to court on your own, call us and speak with our team about how we can help.


Llerena Law has been instrumental assisting numerous aliens become lawful permanent residents. Llerena Law is particularly known for assisting married couples going through the rigorous investigation process now implemented by USCIS to investigate fraudulent marriages. Our team aggressively ensures that USCIS officers are respectful to our clients and do not infringe upon privacy or constitutional rights. Our office has successfully appealed cases that have been denied.

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