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DUI and Criminal Traffic Defense Lawyer

We are YOUR TRAFFIC LAWYERS and will defend all charges related to driving without a license, having a suspended or revoked license, and DUI cases in Palm Beach County, FL.

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    Criminal traffic offenses are misdemeanors and are very serious. Driving without a valid license, a suspended license, or a revoked license is a serious offense that requires your appearance in court. The penalties for these offenses can also be serious, depending on the facts of your particular case and your driving record.

    DUI and Criminal Traffic Defense Office in Palm Beach County

    By hiring a private law office, such as Llerena Law, to represent you, you may be able to avoid appearance in court. Our team will go to court on your behalf, allowing you to work or attend class without having to stress about losing time and money. We offer competitive pricing to defend these matters, offer reasonable payment plans, and accept payment by credit or debit card.

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    Traffic Offenses

    Before going to court on your own, call us and speak with our team about how we can help. Llerena Law has successfully dismissed serious traffic offenses on behalf of thousands of clients. In other cases, our office has been instrumental in obtaining very favorable resolutions on behalf of clients.

    Llerena Law also defends those accused of DUI or DWI.

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    Drugs or Alcohol

    Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the State of Florida is considered a serious criminal traffic offense; your driver’s license, your freedom and your future are at risk. Just one DUI can land you a six-month jail sentence, a fine of up to $500, and hours of community service. Penalties increase for subsequent offenses. Llerena Law utilizes technology to its client’s advantage, constantly investigating traffic cameras, dash cameras, law enforcement body cameras, cellular phone data, and more!

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    Client Reviews

    Richard Llerena is a down to earth attorney. The offices are not at all intimidating. He has been attentive to my relatively minor case. When I've needed to reach him he gets back to me quickly.
    I highly recommend him.

    Scott Jensen

    Mr. Llerena is an extremely professional attorney, which works really hard for his clients to obtain the best possible result. He is very polite, always available whenever need be, and he takes care of his clients in person, not through his paralegals, as most attorneys do.

    Antonio Miragaya

    I have known Attorney Richard Llerena and his law firm since 2013. They have always struck me as very professional and reliable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

    Jose Vega

    I want to recommend the lawyer Llerena 100% for his good work I was 5 years without documents and thanks to the lawyer I am already a resident. If you have problems, do not hesitate to contact the lawyer Richar Llerena, he can help you

    Jorge luis Lopez Alvares

    This attorney has assisted our clients as well as clients of our colleagues and business associates. Professional and attentive firm.

    Funeral Home

    Very good lawyer very friendly good price and especially helping the community I always recommend it …

    Abner Ramirez

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