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Case No

Palm Beach


Ric L. Bradshaw v. Jorge Ramirez et al., Case No. 2012CA013378 (Palm Beach). This was a case involving the forfeiture of US Currency following the raid of a SWAT team into the home of the Defendants, Jorge Ramirez and his family. I represented the Defendants and the amount of currency seized was $16,500.00. The Defendant Jorge Ramirez had been accused in a separate criminal matter of operating a cannabis growhouse. After contentious battles on both the criminal and civil fronts, a finding by the Honorable Barry Cohen (presiding over the criminal case) that the SWAT team failed to properly “knock and announce,” paved the way for a victory in securing the US Currency for the Defendant. The evidence obtained following the SWAT team’s breach was suppressed and the US currency was returned to the Defendants. The case was significant because it was a proper application of the 4th Amendment and the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine that was applied in the criminal case, and properly carried through to the civil case, thereby preventing an inconsistent finding. The final order of dismissal signed by Judge Kelley is dated February 11, 2013.